What in this world makes you happiest? 

I’m asking for the creation of a post that requires your collaboration! I’m excited to see all your answers! 

-Till next time!

23 thoughts on “A Question 

  1. There are a million things that make me feel happy! Of course, the first one being books. I also feel extremely happy when I accomplish things that have been on my to-do list for a very long time. Listening to music calms me to a great extent and I just cannot help smiling when I listen to my old favourites. They bring back so many memories! Cartooning also relieves my stress and makes me feel really relaxed. So, there you go. You asked for a thing and here I am, giving out a list. 🙈😂

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  2. Too many to choose between! Being on holiday is a top one, stealing a bit of time in the middle of busy day is always good, loud music in the kitchen, a good book.

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  3. Things that make me happy:
    – Baking
    – Music
    – Reading
    – My relationships (family, friends ect.)
    – Good grades

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  4. When the people I love are happy, I feel happiest.. so, if there is joy shining through my parents and my husbands voice, I instantly feel elevated!
    Not having to worry about one thing or another for a day is also something that makes me happy 🙂

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  5. I can’t say what the one thing is that makes me happy, there are so many things! Reading, my friends, my close family, being in the library, finishing a piece of art, having long deep chats about important stuff, laughing untill my stomac heart but still not being able to stop, learning new things and a lot more! Thanks for asking that question ☺Thinking of what makes me happy has brightened my day!


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