Ahh… Thor. The God of Thunder. But also, one of the most irritating superheroes of the marvel verse. Well, at least in his origin movie.

I wish I could say I adored Thor and I do like him a whole lot more in later films, but in this one he is a man-child and he continues to act as such except when he finally sacrifices himself going against the metal beast his brother sends and becomes worthy of his hammer. I’m of the mind that Loki would make the better king. I kinda wish that he hadn’t been treated as Thor’s shadow growing up. If Loki wasn’t a traitor he’d make a great king, but of course that’s not how it works.

The other thing that frustrates me is this:

Jane is an incredibly intelligent woman. Her and Thor could never connect on an intellectual level, but of course that doesn’t matter, because he takes his shirt off and suddenly his personality doesn’t matter at all because of his physique. It pisses me off as much as when a woman is only seen for her looks and I don’t like the trope for a man or a woman. Although a small part of me does appreciate that it is the man for once that is the eye-candy. But also Thor gets her father drunk and causes nothing but problems for her and her family and yet it doesn’t matter because he’s nice to look at. I mean, everyone’s entitled to love whoever they want, but it’s mostly the sort of representation this puts out. The guy that acts out of immaturity and anger throughout the majority of the film gets the girl and the kingship through one act of selflessness and being good-looking. I don’t know why, but it’s just so frustrating to me.

I guess it’s also that there isn’t a real change in Thor until the later films where he proves himself a little more, but in the original film I just wished things were different.

I do however, have some praises for this film. One, Asgard is Gorgeous!

I could stare at how beautiful Asgard is for ages. The detail is amazing. God I love it.

Also, Loki is amazing!

Loki adds so much to the film. He makes it a story about family, mischief, and lies. Ultimately, he just wants to be recognized and he feels betrayed, by his family, but also he just likes to stir the pot. I do also love the brother dynamic between him and Thor. Thor’s love for his brother is one of his most redeeming qualities and is one of the biggest reasons I grow to love Thor in later films. Loki makes some decisions that paint him as the villain in this film, but if it wasn’t for Loki Thor would never have grown to deserve his hammer. In the end, both have deeper character because of the other and something about that is really cool to me.

Truly, I can’t wait to discuss the later Thor films, because like Iron Man they get better with each iteration. It’s not that I dislike this film. I actually really enjoy it. It’s funny and it has its own flavor. I just don’t like Thor’s initial characterization. I like this film almost because I love rolling my eyes at Thor’s antics and I enjoy most when they get crushed. Like in the beginning of the film when he is first exiled and realizes that he barely has more strength then a normal man. When characters get humbled by reality it makes me smile. Plus, I think the point of Thor in the film is that he is an idiot and that idiots can grow up. I guess I just love to hate on this version of Thor.

Thanks for reading!

Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “Thor: A Discussion

  1. Thor definitely improves as the movies go on, which, you’re right, I think is the point. Loki was right: Thor wasn’t ready to be king. He had to be humbled and taught many lessons, which he ultimately learned. Loki would have been a better king had he a. been given a chance and b. not been going through such extreme mental distress at the time of his kingship. I love this movie because of Loki, really; he’s just such an interesting character.

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  2. I’ve never liked Loki and don’t understand the hatred/criticism towards Thor. Thor 1 was a good movie, and had enough growth by the end of it. Second movie was certainly rather weak. Not that it made me want to pull my hair, but its best moments were with Loki, not Thor. And that ended up being the biggest failure of the movie. They redeemed him eventually with Ragnarök, and then in Infinity War,but Endgame heavily disappointed me.

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    1. I don’t hate Thor at all. He just annoyed me in his original film. He kinda acted out of immaturity and it seemed they put his physicality at the forefront of the film. I enjoyed the film regardless. I don’t know Loki’s not a good guy by any means, but I can see his motivations for being the way he is.

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      1. I think that was the point of the movie – his immaturity. The movie was about how he overcame that and realized that being a king is no cakewalk. It required kindness, dedication, but he was relying only on his hot-headedness. Plus, until he decided to sacrifice himself in the end, he wasn’t deemed worthy either.

        I understand why Loki did what he did. But it’s hard to ignore the fact in Thor 1, innocent civilians were killed and he did that keeping only his personal interests in mind. Even if I laugh at the way he acts (and cry when he dies in IW), I can’t like him.

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        1. I understand that. I can see what you mean. It’s just so different for me compared to captain America and Iron Man and such. I love Thor in his other movies.. it’s just I’m so used to sacrifice (not that he didnt sacrifice himself) and them acting more maturely and I felt like he didn’t mature till the later films.

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