I don’t think I ever talked much about bookstagram on my blog. I have always had a love for it, but never the means to be dedicated to it. Honestly, for a while even thinking about it was exhausting, but something author Gae Polisner said to me when I got a chance to speak with her stuck with me (well a lot of somethings, but those are for other posts).

When Gae first found my review of In Sight of Stars and thanked me for it on Twitter I was incredibly happy. When she went so far as to let me interview her and offer to let me Giveaway a signed copy of In Sight of Stars on here I was blown away, but it was in the conversation I had with her about returning her generosity by one day sending out her books to others when I could afford to, but her reply that what I am doing now and what she appreciated most made my heart feel full.

She told me that by blogging and sharing my love for books was already enough. That just by speaking about the books I love brought more people to discover authors works and that was invaluable. This re-sparked my love for Instagram, because it was the place where I would most repeatedly share the books of my heart. It made me realize that repeatedly sharing my favorite titles wasn’t a bad thing.

Every single time a new person sees your favorite titles it generates some form of interest. It invites a reader to learn more and as everyone knows for the most popular of books that form of ‘advertisement’ really works! It’s why we see books like the ACOTAR series and Illuminae everywhere on bookstagram. Individual interest sparked mass interest that fed upon itself. If I could help be a part of that for some of the lesser known books I have fallen in love with or even the popular ones I feel like I would be a success in what I want my instagram to achieve.

I may never be a huge bookstagramer. I may never have thousands of likes like some bookstagramers seem to generate, but I would be sharing the books I own and love and giving them a little boost from the love in my heart and I think that makes the whole thing worthwhile.

It goes for any book you love. Share it! At the end of the day it shows excitement for that book and it collectively influences the success of that book. So take pictures! Scream out your bookworm love on twitter. Blog your top 10’s again and again. For the sake of supporting the people who have inspired me I know I won’t be giving up on instagram any time soon.

Our voices matter! Even in places you would never expect.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below!

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-Till next time!

42 thoughts on “I Have Returned to Bookstagram!!!

        1. Thanks! It’s a super awesome feeling! I really don’t want to let anyone down. I love this community and I never expected any of this. It fills my heart with so much joy and all I have ever wanted was to have a space where I could help someone in some way. To share what has kept me going. The people I’ve gotten to talk to you, other bloggers, Gae. It’s such a dream come true. It makes me so hopeful for the future.

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    1. It’s been such a whirlwind month and few weeks.. I haven’t felt this positive and hopeful in a long time. The genuine kindness from you and others when so much is going on behind the scenes in my life makes me feels so full and happy. I’m in tears right now. I can’t believe that a simple and true love for books could have sparked all of this. I don’t know where I would be or how lost I would feel if I never opened a book or if my sister hadn’t pushed me to create this blog. I didn’t realize how much I needed to feel validated as a person. That even though my world had been seemingly gone dim that I had people coming into my life making it that much brighter. I’m so forever grateful. I can’t say that enough.


  1. Yayyy I wondered where you went on insta! I actually started a bookstagram myself recently as I’m trying to restart my blog and everything so I would love if you could check it out when you have some time? (It’s connected to my blog). I think I talked to you once on insta as fandxmqueenx (which is my fan account) in case you’re wondering who I am xxx

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    1. Ohh, that’s so good to hear! I will go take a look at your insta! Thanks for letting me know. Instagram was getting hard for me because I felt like there were so many gorgeous instagrams and that I would never have enough items or books to show on my own, but I’ve learned that that doesn’t matter so much.. what matters is sharing the love fore books and creating a place for hype and conversation about the books we love most!


      1. I totally understand how you felt. I kinda felt that way too but I’m just really glad I discovered bookstagram and all the people there! (My blog is starrynightsreader.wordpress.com ) xx

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  2. Followed! I can’t dedicate time to the whole theme thing of bookstagram, maybe one day, but I do like to just post about books and stuff on there, followed you

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  3. This is such a heartwarming post ❤ I'm really happy you're doing what you love and focusing on sharing the love for books, that's what matters the most and why we're all here, blogging or bookstagramming or doing these kind of things, for the love of it all before anything else 🙂 ❤

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  4. Wow, such an encouraging post! However, I don’t really buy books, so I quit bookstagram a while ago. Instead, I stick to writing about them!

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