Today has been a particularly rough day today. I don’t really care to discuss it, but I’d love if you guys could share either a positive story or video you like or links to some cute animal pics I’d very much appreciate.

If you don’t mind let me know and I’ll put a post together of all the messages, videos, stories, and pictures as a pick me up post for anyone who needs it.

That’s all I got for today. I’m pretty exhausted.

THANK YOU ALL FOR READING! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below! 

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20 thoughts on “I Need Some Positivity

      1. * cute pictures of animals on my phone … gah, too late for typing actual sentences 🙃

        Ha ha, I thought so! Chaotic evil has a cute furry tail! 🐿

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear you have had a rough day! I hope whatever is going on turns around soon and that you might have a better day tomorrow ❤ You can do this!

    As for a story: I recently got my drivers license. My mum was kind enough to let me have her (15 year old) car when she decided it was time to buy herself a new car. It’s amazing to have my own car and I’m extremely grateful she gave it to me, but it does have some… quirks. So yesterday my windows were very dirty and I decided to use the windscreen wiper… with the fluid that sprays out. I was still in the parking spot in front of my house. All of my neigbours know I’m a new driver and they always look at me in that “ahw how cute” type of way whenever they see me in or around my car. It’s safe to say I feel like a total newbie. So after spending way too much time trying to find the handle for the windscreen wipet spray, I felt very accomplished when I finally found it. Only to realize half a second later that the sprayer mechanism is broken and this thing is spraying straight out, away from my car. It was like a freaking torpedo, blasting over the side walk, all the way back to my house. This thing had some real power. You can imagine my shock as I realized that I could have totally just sprayed one of my neigbours right in the face with my windscreen wiper fluid. I would have never lived that one down. Attention the people of this neigbourhood, watch out for wild newbie drivers, they might spray you! At least I know now I have a secret weapon… and If someone is too close to the back of my car, I won’t hesitate to use it 😂😋

    Also bonus, I love this instagram account full of cute bunnies:

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  2. Sorry to hear you had a bad day. A little motivation for you :

    It is not always the care and love that can make the flower grow and bloom. Sometimes even a single look of attention can be enough to be a reason behind the blossom ❤️

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