For a long time I have struggled endlessly to maintain motivation to actually do things that result in me being the me I want to be. It’s so easy to be lazy and give into thoughts that my apathy convinces me are true. So easy to let things go and believe “what’s the point? Nothing is going to come out of this anyway… so why bother?”

At first, I made a list of things that I wanted to do every day for self-improvement. It became what I called my daily instructions and it worked, but not completely. It was still really easy to let some things go undone and still try to call the day a success. So I added a motivational prize of the ability to buy something I really want to have every 30 Days that I complete all my tasks (which is still in place although I still haven’t made it that far yet).

Then one day I was looking through twitter and found a tweet by Akemi Dawn Bowman that said:

When I looked in the comments and someone had mentioned that an app like that did exist and it was called Habitica I HAD to check it out. Habitica is nerdy and full of questing and finding drops and collecting pets all by doing tasks in your daily life and I LOVE it!

At first it took me a little bit to figure out how to use this most effectively and what things should go in the three different sections habits, dailies, and to-does, but eventually I finally got the hang of it and it has made me more productive then ever!

There are two features that absolutely made me fall in love with this app Questing and Pets that could grow to be Mounts!

Right now these are the base pets I have collected:

They can be all different colors and when you feed them the correct food they grow up to be a mount that your character can ride. Everything is collected by random drops from doing tasks and habits during the day.

Right now this is what my character and rewards set up looks like:

As for Questing you have to be working with a party and once a member of the party submits a quest you can choose to accept or deny your participation. Quests give you extra experience, unique drops, and quest pets to collect on your journey. In order to complete quests all you have to do is commit to your habits and dailies!

There are so many nuances and specifics to this nerdy productivity app. One thing being guilds. If I spoke about all these things this post would go on for ages! But, I will leave you all with this: should you decide to use this app and have any questions let me know! I will definitely help you out. I love this application so much and I think it deserves a lot of love.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.

-Till next time!


23 thoughts on “The App that Saves My Life: Habitica

  1. I love this app and also use it to keep motivated! I’m a level 62 rogue! Which shouldn’t be exciting! but it is! Someone also mentioned forest, which I also use. I sometimes need to be motivated and sometimes need to be saved from myself 😉

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